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I'm so excited! It's the start of a New Year and I just know things are going to get better.
These days, it seems everything is going up in price, while our paychecks stay the same or even get cut.  This site is designed to help you navigate the twists and turns of the struggling economy.  I want to help you reach your financial goals and gain a brighter future.
I am also making every penny count, so I'll be right beside you as we strive for financial independence.
I would love to hear from you at Tell me your story, ask a question, or share a tip.
~ Shaunna  

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Enrich Your Life by Spending Less

Enrich Your Life by Spending Less

Are you ready to change your life?
"Enrich Your Life by Spending Less" is not about deprivation.  Sure, you can cut out your daily latte, but that is up to you.   Instead, you will discover hundreds of ways to save money towards your dreams. 
Imagine fulfilling your dreams of owning your own home, taking that fantasy trip, buying a lake cabin, or building a nest egg for now or your retirement.
Once you define what it is you want out of life, you can commit to putting all your resources towards that goal.  If you want to become debt free, then "Enrich Your Life by Spending Less" is waiting for you.  
"Enrich Your Life by Spending Less" is about taking charge of your future.  It is about tapping into your dreams and making them a reality. 
Would you like to wake up each morning with the peace of mind that comes from financial freedom?  Then take the first step by buying "Enrich Your Life by Spending Less" for only $19.99.
This 156-page E-book is filled with easy ways to shave thousands of dollars off of your spending.  You will see the difference after one trip to the supermarket!  You will also get tons of time saving tricks to make every day go smoother.
Start saving today with "Enrich Your Life by Spending Less."  It will change your life!   

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Frugal E-books

The Silk Robe

The Silk Robe

"The Silk Robe"  is my beautifully illustrated print gift book.  It comes with a convenient envelope and gift card for easy mailing.  Hurry and order's only $4.99 with FREE s & h.  Show your special someone how much you really care, before it is too late. 
The Silk Robe is an inspiring tribute to my Mom. She passed away from leukemia when she was only 51.  I will always miss her, and cherish her memory.
This uplifting, inspiring story is a 16-page print booklet filled with beautiful photos and my award-winning essay. A matching notecard and envelope accompanies my 3" by 5" booklet, perfect for any season.


Retail: $6.95 

My price: 4.99 
FREE S&H !!!
Order your copies now! 

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